Sunday, October 29, 2006

[GTF]MuffinMan Snookie, I can't tell you that. If I tell you and you tell someone else then I will be in trouble.
{SnOOkiE} i wont tell anyone else. tell me please!!!
[GTF]MuffinMan You have to promise me. If I tell you and someone finds out, I will be shot in the head. I have been shot in the head before and I don't like it. It hurts!
{SnOOkiE} you havent been SHOT IN THE HEAD!!! If U WERE SHot IN THE HEAD U WOOD BE DEAD!!!! Dont JOKE me!!!!
[GTF]MuffinMan Snookie, I really have been shot in the head. Promise. But it missed my brain and how I have a metal plate in my head.
{SnOOkiE} COOL! r u a spy????
[GTF]MuffinMan Yes, I work for the KGB. PLEASE don't tell anybody.
{SnOOkiE} I promise. i wont even tell my uncle, he wood probably be angry for talking me to an commie anyway. is it cool being a spy???? have u killed many people???????
[GTF]MuffinMan It's very nice being a spy. It means that I can eat meat sometimes. Most people in communist countries can't eat meat, only bread.
{SnOOkiE} cool. did u kill people?????
[GTF]MuffinMan I have only killed two people. But it's not nice. I had to kill my father because he was giving secrets to the Americans.
{SnOOkiE} thats horrible!!!!!!!! i LOVE MY FATHER!!!!
[GTF]MuffinMan Oh my god, someone has come in the room!!
{SnOOkiE} who has cum in the room?????