Wednesday, October 18, 2006

[GTF]MuffinMan He was in a Rock Band called "The Idiot Americans". You can probably find their records in your local record shop. They made many GREAT records about Americans. Their best song was called "Why is my IQ so small?" Another great song was called, "My spelling is shit." Yes I am still here, just a longer sentance to type. :-)
{SnOOkiE} i dont think i wood like this band. it is a stupid name fro a band.
[GTF]MuffinMan Yes it is, but they were writing social commentary, so the songs MEANT something!!
{SnOOkiE} wot is soceal commentery?
[GTF]MuffinMan It doesn't matter. You are right. You probably wouldn't like the music. Can I ask you some questions?
{SnOOkiE} Ok, like wot?
[GTF]MuffinMan Are you male or female?
{SnOOkiE} femail. and u?
[GTF]MuffinMan Your name is nice. Where did you get it from?
{SnOOkiE} my mom used to call me it when i was young!
[GTF]MuffinMan Why?