Tuesday, October 24, 2006

{SnOOkiE} hhow many wifes to you have???
[GTF]MuffinMan So far I have been married 7 times. I am going to get married again soon, but first I must get rid of Olga, my current wife.
{SnOOkiE} why??? do u not like here????
[GTF]MuffinMan I like her very much, but in this country when a woman starts to get older she gets VERY fat. I don't like fat women. So I will get a new one who is not fat. Are you fat?
{SnOOkiE} NO I AM NOT""'! I AM NOTT FAT!!!! I AM GOING TO BE A MODEL!!!! (GTF]MuffinMan That's nice. I like girls that look like models. Maybe you can be my next wife. :-)
{SnOOkiE} NO!!! lM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[GTF]MuffinMan Sorry Snookie, I was joking. Really. I know that you can't be my next wife because you wouldn't like it here.
{SnOOkiE} Ok. as long as u were jocking! why woudlnt i like it there in russia????? tell me about russin!
[GTF]MuffinMan Ok, but it will be a long sentance. You will have to wait while I type it, ok?
{SnOOkiE} ok. i will wait.
[GTF]MuffinMan Good, because if you like history, you can tell this to your teacher at school :-)
{SnOOkiE} ok