Thursday, October 26, 2006

[GTF]MuffinMan Firstly, I don't think that you would like it here because we don't have televisions. Many years ago there was a man named Stalin, and he became president of Russia and the peoples democracies, countries like mine. Anyway, he said that TV was a very bad thing and made it against the law for people to watch it or sell them. Ok, please wait because my screen is full and I want to type more....
{SnOOkiE} u dont have television???? r u jocking????
{SnOOkiE} i have heard of stalin.
{SnOOkiE} r u still there??
[GTF]MuffinMan Anyway, we also don't have cars. This is because the Americans won't let us buy petrol from places like Texas. And there are no other countries in the world that can make petrol. In many ways this is good, because we don't get so fat as we have to walk everywhere. So I think you wouldn't like it here.
{SnOOkiE} america isnt the only cuntry that makes petrol. my uncle was in the war of the gulf which was a war about petrol!!!!!!!! america won thw war!!!!!
[GTF]MuffinMan I'm very impressed! You really do know your history. But did you know that Kuwait (the country that makes petrol) is now an American state? This means that Americans own this petrol and they won't sell it to communists.
{SnOOkiE} of course i knew!!!!!!! thnks. i like hsitory
{SnOOkiE} do u have computers????
[GTFJMuffinMan No, we don't have computers here, except for the government.
{SnOOkiE} if u dont have computores then how r u writing to me??
[GTF]MuffinMan I work for the government.
{SnOOkiE} LIEK A SPY???? R U A SPY!!!